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Salon à Créteil. Projet architecte intérieur


Discover our highly qualified professionals in architecture and interior design in Créteil, ready to bring your projects to life.

Immerse yourself in the revitalization of Créteil with Studio 2A Architecture, where each neighborhood becomes a canvas for our creativity. Explore the city's architectural reinvention, from historic neighborhoods like downtown to the vibrancy of Pointe du Lac. Discover how our bold designs are redefining the urban fabric, creating vibrant, functional spaces that inspire and captivate.




Welcome to the page dedicated to Studio 2A architecture, your exceptional partner for all your architectural projects in Créteil and its surroundings. Imbued with the dynamics of this booming city, we embody excellence in urban creation, combining innovation, creativity and technical mastery to realize your most inspiring architectural aspirations.

Personalized Approach to Architectural Design in Créteil

Our workshop stands out for its tailor-made approach to architectural design in Créteil. We capture the essence of each neighborhood, and we are committed to integrating the soul of these places into our creations. Our dedicated team is here to listen to your needs, understand your ambitions and develop solutions that reflect the uniqueness of each Crete district.

Harmonious Project Management and Exemplary Monitoring

La réussite d'un projet réside dans une gestion efficace et un suivi attentif. Nous offrons des services complets de gestion de projet, veillant à ce que chaque étape soit orchestrée de manière transparente et que votre projet avance selon les échéances fixées. Notre engagement envers l'excellence garantit que votre vision prend forme avec précision et professionnalisme, que ce soit dans le quartier du Palais ou à l'Almont.

Trusted Partnerships and Collaboration Strategy

We believe in the power of collaboration and the importance of building strong partnerships. By working with local experts and trusted companies, we ensure that every aspect of your project is approached with the utmost care and expertise. Our extensive network allows us to select the best talent for each project, thus guaranteeing exceptional results, whether at Echat or Bleuets.

Créativité Éclectique : Diversité des Projets Architecturaux

Whether you are planning to renovate a pavilion in the Palais district, design a commercial space in Bleuets or create a contemporary residence in Almont, we are here to bring your vision to life. Our creative team excels in a multitude of project types and is ready to take on the most ambitious challenges with ingenuity and artistic flair.

Commitment to Urban Evolution and Sustainable Development

At Studio 2A Architecture, we are driven by the urban development of Créteil and we are committed to contributing to it in a sustainable way. We aim to shape spaces that enrich residents' lives and create environmentally friendly environments. Entrust us with your project and let us support you in realizing your architectural dreams, in harmony with the history and culture of this growing city.

Contact us today to find out how we can bring your ideas to life and create exceptional architectural spaces in Créteil, from the bustling Palais neighborhoods to the tranquility of Almont.

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In the field of architecture, determining the optimal time to involve an architect is crucial to the success of your project. This article explores the different phases of an architectural project and guides you to choose the right time to call on an architect.

1. At the Beginning of Architectural Planning:

During the initial planning phase, it is a good idea to consult an architect to benefit from their expertise. They can help you clarify your objectives, understand current regulations and anticipate the technical challenges of your project.

2. Before Acquisition of Properties:

If you are considering purchasing land or property, involving an architect from the outset can be extremely beneficial. Their professional analysis of the site can help you assess its potential and design a solution tailored to your needs.

3. For Architectural Design and Design:

The architectural design stage is crucial and requires the expertise of an architect. Their creativity and in-depth knowledge of architectural principles can transform your ideas into concrete plans, in harmony with your needs and aspirations.

4. In the Construction Permit Management Process:

Navigating administrative and regulatory formalities can be complex. An experienced architect can guide you through this process, preparing detailed technical documents to obtain the necessary permits without a hitch.

5. For the Supervision of the Works and

Project Management :

Une fois la construction lancée, la présence d'un architecte sur le chantier est précieuse. Ils veilleront à ce que les plans soient suivis avec précision, résoudront les problèmes éventuels et assureront une gestion efficace du projet.

Hiring an architect at the right time is essential for the success of your architectural project. Whether for new construction, renovation or interior design, their expertise can mean the difference between a successful project and costly complications. Don't underestimate the importance of choosing the right time to seek the expertise of an architect.

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Power in Numbers




Practical Guide to the Design of an Architectural Project:

From Concept to Realization

Stratégie et Coordination Expertes pour une Architecture Réussie

Each step of the process of creating an architectural project is essential for its success. From the initial analysis of urban constraints to the realization of the design, including modeling and collaboration with stakeholders, each phase requires in-depth expertise and meticulous management.

1. In-Depth Analysis of Urban Constraints: Maximization of Potential and Compliance

A careful study of urban regulations makes it possible to maximize the project's opportunities while ensuring its full compliance with current standards.

2. Rigorous Assessment of the Feasibility and Potential of the Project: Clairvoyant and Realistic Vision

A comprehensive assessment of the project's feasibility offers a clear and realistic vision of its possibilities, while identifying the challenges to be met for its realization.

3. Accurate Collection of Field Data and Expertise:

Solid Foundations for Thoughtful Design

La collecte précise de données terrain, réalisée en collaboration avec des experts, établit les bases nécessaires à une conception réfléchie et à une prise de décision éclairée.

4. Initial Design and Customer Dialogue:

Personalization and Active Collaboration

The initial project proposal, submitted to the client for validation, is the result of close collaboration aimed at precisely meeting its needs and expectations.

5. 3D Modeling and Immersive Visualization:

Quality Visual Communication

3D modeling and immersive visualizations allow effective visual communication of the project, promoting optimal understanding of its architectural vision.

Operational Management and Execution

6. Documentary Organization and Technical Specifications: Optimal Structuring for Fluid Management

Careful documentary organization, integrating technical specifications, guarantees fluid and transparent management of the project.

7. Careful Selection of Stakeholders and Collaborators: Strategic Choice for Impeccable Execution

The meticulous selection of stakeholders and collaborators ensures impeccable execution of the project, thanks to solid and complementary partnerships.

8. Detailed Work Planning and Continuous Monitoring:

Respect of Commitments and Deadlines

Careful planning and continuous monitoring of the work guarantee compliance with commitments made and agreed deadlines.

9. Contrôle Qualité et Gestion des Risques :

Garantie de l'Excellence et Maîtrise des Aléas

Des contrôles qualité réguliers et une gestion proactive des risques assurent l'excellence du projet tout en minimisant les aléas susceptibles d'affecter sa réalisation.

10. Finalization and Delivery of the Project:

Successful Completion and Customer Satisfaction

The finalization of the project, followed by its successful delivery, marks its completion and the total satisfaction of the client, testifying to the success of the architectural adventure undertaken.

By following these key steps with commitment and expertise, the creation of an exceptional architectural project is guaranteed, providing a unique and rewarding experience for all parties involved.

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