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Salon avec menuiserie sur mesure à la Garenne Colombes/ Projet d'architecture


Creative mastery of our space designers and interior artists in La Garenne-Colombes.

Explore the architectural reinvention of Garenne-Colombes with Studio 2A Architecture, where every street becomes a moving work of art. Discover how our designers are pushing the boundaries of design, from historic downtown neighborhoods to the contemporary excitement of new residential areas. Immerse yourself in our innovative approach that shapes a dynamic and inspiring urban environment, offering spaces that transcend aesthetics to become authentic living havens.




Welcome to the page dedicated to Studio 2A Architecture, your trusted partner for all your architectural projects in La Garenne-Colombes and its surroundings. Imbued with the dynamism of this rapidly expanding city, we are the architects of your most daring architectural aspirations, merging innovation, creativity and technical mastery to give life to unique and functional spaces.

Personalized Architectural Design in La Garenne-Colombes

Our approach is that of an artisan, attentive to every detail and inspired by the very essence of La Garenne-Colombes. We are committed to understanding your vision and crafting tailor-made solutions that reflect your lifestyle and the soul of your neighborhood, whether in the bustling Downtown area or in the tranquility of the Plateau.

Integrated Project Management and Meticulous Monitoring

The success of your project is our top priority. We offer you integrated management and careful monitoring at each stage, guaranteeing transparent coordination and on-time completion. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every element of your project is executed with precision and professionalism, whether you live near the train station or near the city park.

Partenariats Stratégiques et Collaboration Expert

We believe in the power of collaboration and the importance of building strong partnerships. By working closely with local experts and trusted companies, we ensure that every aspect of your project is approached with expertise and dedication. Our extensive network allows us to select the best talent for each project, thus guaranteeing exceptional results, whether in the Center district or near the Park.

Créativité Sans Limite : Diversité des Projets Architecturaux

From townhouse renovations to office interior design to commercial space design, our creative team excels in a variety of project typologies. We take on the most ambitious challenges with enthusiasm and we are committed to bringing a touch of originality to each project, whether near the Vallées district or the Village.

Commitment to Urban Evolution and Sustainable Development

At Studio 2A Architecture, we are passionate about the urban development of La Garenne-Colombes and we are committed to shaping sustainable and environmentally friendly spaces. We strive to create environments that improve the quality of life of residents while preserving the very essence of the city.

Entrust us with your project and let us support you in realizing your architectural dreams, in harmony with the history and culture of this rapidly evolving city.

Contact us today to turn your ideas into reality and discover how we can create exceptional architectural spaces in La Garenne-Colombes, from the bustling neighborhoods of the Center to the tranquility of the Plateau.

Salle de bain moderne, effet metro, projet à la Garenne Colombes architecture

In the world of architecture, defining the optimal time to hire an architect is of capital importance for the success of your project. This article explores the different stages of an architectural project and directs you to the key moments for calling on an architect.

1. At the Beginning of Architectural Planning:

From the beginning of planning, it is relevant to consult an architect. Their expertise can help you refine your objectives, understand current regulations and anticipate future technical challenges.

2. Before the Acquisition of Land or Property:

Calling on an architect before acquiring land or property can be wise. Their professional assessment of the site can enlighten you on its potential and guide you towards a solution adapted to your needs.

3. For Architectural Design and Design:

The architectural design phase requires the in-depth expertise of an architect. Their creativity and mastery of architectural principles can materialize your ideas into concrete plans, in total harmony with your requirements.

4. In the Process of Obtaining Construction Permits:

Navigating through the twists and turns of administrative formalities can be complex. An experienced architect can assist you in this process and develop the technical documents required to obtain the necessary permits.

5. For Works Supervision and Project Management :

Once the project has started, the active presence of an architect is invaluable. They will ensure compliance with the plans and resolve any possible problems that arise during construction.

Choosing the right time to bring in an architect is essential for the success of your architectural project. Whether you are considering new construction, renovation or interior design, their expertise can make the difference. Opt for a strategic approach by requesting the intervention of an architect at the right time, in order to maximize the potential and success of your project.

Living room at Garenne Colombes, interior design project

Power in Numbers




Practical Manual for the Design of an Architectural Project:

From Concept to Realization

Expert Strategies and Effective Coordination for

Successful Architectural Projects

Each step of the process of creating an architectural project is crucial to its success. From the initial study of urban constraints to the realization of the design, including modeling and collaboration with stakeholders, each phase requires specialized expertise and effective management.

1. In-Depth Analysis of Urban Constraints: Optimization of Potential and Normative Compliance

Une analyse minutieuse des réglementations urbaines permet de tirer parti au maximum des opportunités offertes par le projet tout en assurant sa conformité aux normes en vigueur.

2. Rigorous Assessment of the Feasibility and Potential of the Project: Clear and Realistic Vision of the Project

A rigorous evaluation of the feasibility of the project offers a precise vision of its development potential, while identifying the challenges to be met for its realization.

3. Accurate Collection of Field Data and Expertise:

Solid Foundations for Relevant Design

The precise collection of field data, in collaboration with experts, establishes the essential foundations for a relevant design adapted to the specific context of the project.

4. Initial Design and Active Dialogue with the Client:

Personalization and Co-creation of the Project

The initial project proposal, presented to the client for validation, is the result of active collaboration aimed at meeting the client's specific expectations and realizing their vision.

5. 3D Modeling and Immersive Visualization:

High Quality Visual Communication

3D modeling and immersive visualizations enable effective visual communication of the project, facilitating understanding and buy-in from stakeholders.

Operational Management and Implementation

6. Documentary Organization and Technical Specifications: Optimal Structuring for Fluid Execution

A rigorous documentary organization, integrating technical specifications, ensures smooth and transparent execution of the project, while facilitating coordination between stakeholders.

7. Precise Selection of Stakeholders and Collaborators: Strategic Choice for Excellent Achievement

The careful selection of stakeholders and collaborators guarantees superior quality achievement, thanks to solid and complementary partnerships, thus contributing to the success of the project.

8. Detailed Work Planning and Continuous Monitoring:

Respect of Commitments and Deadlines

Careful planning and continuous monitoring of work ensures compliance with contractual commitments and agreed deadlines, thus enabling effective management of resources and activities.

9. Quality Control and Risk Management:

Guarantee of Excellence and Risk Management

Regular quality checks and proactive risk management ensure project excellence while minimizing potential risks, thereby ensuring its overall success.

10. Finalization and Delivery of the Project:

Successful Completion and Customer Satisfaction

he finalization of the project and its successful delivery are the result of a meticulous process and a constant commitment to excellence, thus ensuring total client satisfaction and the realization of their architectural vision.

By following these key steps with determination and expertise, the creation of an exceptional architectural project is guaranteed, providing a unique and rewarding experience for all parties involved.

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