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Cuisine ouvert avec ilot central dans une ancienne grange en Normandie entièrement rénovée


Promoting Norman architecture: Explore our architect and interior designer services for houses and apartments in Normandy.

Explore the harmonious marriage of art and tradition in Normandy with Studio 2A Architecture, where each project is a tribute to the regional architectural heritage. From charming Normandy houses to contemporary apartments, our team of architects and designers combine the timeless charm of the region with modern and functional solutions. Immerse yourself in our bespoke approach, where each residence is designed with sensitivity to local history and careful attention to materials and details.




Welcome to Studio 2A Architecture, your trusted partner for all your architectural projects in Normandy. Steeped in the history and natural beauty of this region, we are here to support you in realizing your most daring architectural dreams, in harmony with the Normandy environment.

Architectural Design Adapted to Normandy

Plongez dans l'univers de la conception architecturale en Normandie avec Studio 2A. Nous comprenons les particularités de cette région, de ses charmants villages côtiers aux paisibles campagnes verdoyantes, et nous nous engageons à créer des espaces qui reflètent son caractère unique et son patrimoine exceptionnel.

Norman Habitats: Houses, Apartments and More

Whether you are considering building a traditional half-timbered house, renovating a city center apartment or designing a modern seaside residence, our experienced team will meet your needs. We specialize in a variety of housing typologies to offer solutions adapted to each project.

Landscape Integration and Respect for the Environment

At Studio 2A Architecture, we are sensitive to the natural environment of Normandy and its preserved character. We integrate sustainable design principles and local materials into our projects to minimize impact on the regional ecosystem while creating functional and aesthetic living spaces.

Local Collaborations and Community Engagement

We believe in the strength of local collaboration and in the importance of supporting Normandy communities. By working with local artisans and entrepreneurs, we help promote regional crafts and create sustainable economic opportunities for the region.

Architectural Inspiration and Norman Tradition

We draw inspiration from the cultural and architectural wealth of Normandy to create living spaces that reflect its heritage and timeless charm. Entrust us with your project and let us guide you towards the realization of your most exciting architectural aspirations in Normandy.

Contact us today to find out how we can turn your ideas into reality and create exceptional architectural spaces in Normandy, from the shores of the English Channel to the rolling lands of Calvados.

Cuisine Normande, Projet en Normandie, cuisine sur mesure en bois et travertin Normandie

As part of a real estate project in Normandy, using the services of an architect is of particular importance. This article explores architectural services adapted to this region, highlighting the benefits of collaboration with these professionals.

1. Design Adapted to Norman Heritage:

Normandy is rich in architectural heritage, characterized by its half-timbered houses, manor houses and thatched cottages. Local architects are familiar with these styles and can design projects that fit harmoniously into the regional landscape, while respecting the authenticity and charm of the region.

2. Optimisation de l'Espace dans un Cadre Rural ou Urbain :

Whether you are planning to build a country house in the rolling green hills or an apartment by the sea, architects in Normandy can optimize space to meet the specific needs of your project. Their expertise makes it possible to make the most of available land while preserving the balance between functionality and aesthetics.

3. Integration of Local Standards and Materials:

Norman architects are familiar with regional building standards and traditional materials used in the region. They can recommend sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions, while preserving the unique character of Norman architecture.

4. Creation of Comfortable and Bright Living Spaces:

Normandy is renowned for its changeable climate, with mild winters and cool summers. Local architects can design comfortable and bright living spaces, taking advantage of natural light to create warm and welcoming interiors all year round.

In short, calling on an architect in Normandy is a wise choice for any real estate project. Their in-depth knowledge of the region and their expertise in architectural design allow them to create living spaces that are functional, aesthetic and in harmony with the local environment. Entrusting your project to an architect ensures a tailor-made project, perfectly adapted to Norman heritage and lifestyle.

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Architecture in Normandy:

Complete Guide to Real Estate Project Management

Process for Successful Real Estate Projects

When it comes to managing real estate projects in Normandy, a specific and tailored approach is necessary to take advantage of the unique characteristics of this region. Here is a complete guide to support you in carrying out your residential projects in Normandy, highlighting the best architectural and project management practices.

1. Exploration Phase:

Analysis of Local Standards and Initial Design

From the outset, it is essential to carry out an in-depth analysis of local regulations and the urban planning specificities of Normandy. This stage allows us to seize the unique opportunities offered by the region while developing the first sketches of the project.

2. Évaluation de la Faisabilité :

Analyse des Contraintes et Étude du Marché

Before taking action, it is crucial to assess the feasibility of the project taking into account regulatory constraints and local real estate market trends. This in-depth assessment ensures that the project is viable and profitable in the Normandy context.

3. Field Data Collection:

Precise Survey and Integration of Regional Characteristics

To design projects in harmony with the Normandy landscape, it is essential to carry out a detailed survey of the site, highlighting its geographical and climatic particularities. This data serves as the basis for a design that is perfectly adapted to the regional environment.

4. Collaboration with the Client:

Co-creation and Customization of the Project

Une collaboration étroite avec le client est essentielle pour concevoir un projet qui répond à ses besoins tout en reflétant l'identité et l'histoire de la Normandie. Les échanges actifs permettent de co-créer un projet sur mesure, parfaitement intégré dans son environnement.

5. Visualization and Modeling:

Creation of Immersive Visual Renderings

Thanks to technological advances, it is now possible to create models and realistic visual renderings, allowing the client to project themselves into their future Normandy environment. These tools facilitate decision-making and allow you to refine the details of the project before work begins.

Operational Project Management

6. Operational Planning:

Establishment of Precise Plans and Rigorous Monitoring

Careful planning of the work is essential to ensure that it runs smoothly in the Normandy context. Taking into account regional specificities, it is essential to establish detailed plans and closely monitor the progress of the works to guarantee their quality and compliance.

7. Quality Control and Risk Management:

Risk Prevention and Quality Assurance

During all stages of the project, strict quality control is put in place to ensure compliance of the work with construction standards and project specifications. In addition, particular attention is paid to the identification and management of potential risks associated with the specific climatic and geographical conditions of Normandy.

8. Receipt and Delivery: Completion and Customer Satisfaction

Finally, once the work is completed, a final inspection is carried out to verify that the project meets the client's expectations. Once all details are finalized, the project is successfully delivered, marking its completion and customer satisfaction.

By following these methodical steps and taking into account the specificities of the Normandy region, the management of real estate projects can be carried out successfully, while respecting deadlines, budgets and the highest quality standards.

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